Closet cleaning, got several prana pants and some outerwear. All prices include CONUS shipping, I take almost any payment form, google pay, paypal, venmo. I prefer venmo.

Prana stretch zion convertibles, mud color, size 30×30. Used for the JMT, really wished they fit me now, because they’re my JMT pants, like that has sentimental value. But, it is very unlikely that I will use them ever again, so it is with a heavy heart that I let these go. They’re in pretty good shape despite the thru hike, front has no blemishes, rear has some very small flecks of stained dirt, idk if you can even see them in the photo. 69 bucks

Prana stretch zion pants, dark khaki color, size smlx30l. I don’t know what the equivalent size is now, they’ve stopped using this method. I’m a 32w or a 33 in most stuff, this fits like a 30. I don’t remember using these much, but whenever I did I must’ve sat on a log, they got a little stain on the back of the right leg. One spot on the pocket, one right behind the knee, they’re small though. Check the pics to see what I mean. 49 bucks.

Prana stretchy “jeans”, 30×30, slim fit. These look like jeans, but the material is much softer and stretchier than regular jeans, not sure what model these are, they used to only have one or two pants like this, now they’ve got like a dozen. They are very slim, if you are a 30w these will be on the tight side, mostly in the legs. No blemishes, but they have been used a little more so they got some fade to the color, which I think looks better for jeans. 39.

Prana brion pants, antique bronze color, 30Wx32L. They don’t sell this color in this model anymore, but they do in the stretch zion pants if you want to look those up. This pair have been used probably the most, I kept them almost completely free of stains but there’s a little stretch memory, lying flat you can tell they’re not brand new. I think the only stains are a couple little dirt flecks on the bottoms of the legs, you can only tell if you’re looking for them. 39.

Outdoor research helium II, hydro black color, size small. I can’t remember ever using it, the tags are in the pocket, meaning I probably never actually did use it. 69.

Marmot rain jacket, gray color, size small. Been used a little, there’s a light stain on the left arm. I have no idea what model it is, but it’s pretty light, probably around 10 ounces if I had to guess. Nice pockets, pit zips, stowaway hood, velcro cuffs. I think I added the velcro patch to the hood, that way it packs up nicely in the hood, as the picture shows. It runs a lil big for a small. 29.

Outdoor research sun runner cap, khaki color, size small. Used very little, even though it’s very nice. Just not really my style, I decided I like wide brimmed hats for hiking. 19.

Columbia omniheat beanie and gloves, gray beanie, black gloves, sizes small/medium. The gloves are women’s, the hat is men’s, but the small/medium size is far too small for my head, and most men have larger heads, so I think these would each be better for a woman. Or a tiny dude. No judgment. They each have the omniheat reflective lining too, so the warmth to weight ratio is pretty good. There is very little evidence of use. 19 for the pair, message me about individual pricing.

REI fleece balaclava, black, one size fits all. I don’t think I’ve ever done more than try it on. 9.