Hey all,

It’s time to let go of my GG Kumo, purchased new just under a year ago direct from GG. I cut off the tags, some of the extra webbing fabric on the sternum strap / hip belt / shoulder strap webbing to get it down to exactly 15.0 oz with hip belt and sitlight pad removed. 6’3″ 180lbs for anyone wondering if the webbing will be too short – I left some extra on too just in case ;)

Hip belt adds 3.29oz

Sitlight pad adds 2.20oz

Added back the sitlight pad (never used) and the hip belt pockets (used twice) for this sale. I’ve put about 15-20 nights total on this pack and absolutely love it, but have a new MYOG / ULA custom pack with larger capacity that will replace it for longer trips. Pack has no rips or tears, but one of the buckle claps on the collar closure has a small shear on it – still closes though.

Bought this at the retail price of $165 and added a cute little bungee to the top. Looking for $110 to continental US, which is inclusive of free shipping. PM me if international and we can figure out a custom arrangement.