ULA equipment custom winter backpack “Cold Fusion”.  It is  a customized Backpack (from ULA) with a Catalyst frame and made with X-Pac materials.  Pack has only been used once.  It has plenty of attachment points for a snow shovel, ice axes, a snow probe pocket, and daisy chains for days.  Great pack, just trying to thin out the herd as I’m running out of room :).


  • Snowshoe bag fits up to 25″ snow shoes
  • Pack carries 40+ pounds if needed
  • Wahalla hammocks and outdoors customized accessories pouch to clip in where the snowshoe bag would go if using it when I’m not taking the snow shoes.
  • Torso is a Medium, (18-21″)
  • Hip Belt size is also Medium (34-48″) (Hip Belts can be ordered from ULA equipment as well
  • Weights: Pack with snowshoe bag: 60.15oz (3.75lbs), with custom bag: 53.45oz (3.34lbs), and with no attachments 47.9oz (Just below 3lbs)
  • This has the regular “J” Straps
  • ****Pictures show a snow shovel, Ice axes, and a picture comparing to a HMG Junction 3400 for size reference.  These items are not included in this sale****
  • What is included in this sale is the Cold Fusion backpack, matching snowshoe bag, Custom accessories bag (made by Wahalla hammocks and outdoors) that attaches where the snowshoe bag would go and two side custom made black pouches made out of X-Pac material to attach to the daisy chain if you would like extra storage (also made by Wahalla hammocks and outdoors).


Paypal G&S or Facebook messenger and will include shipping within the cost.