For Sale: Dutchware Chameleon Single Layer Hammock 11′ Wide custom sized to 64″ width.
Includes: Body-Hexon 1.6 (Dark Olive), Asym Bugnet (Black), Asym TopCover-Hexon 1.6 (Dark Olive), 2 Peak Shelves, Storage Pocket, Bottle Holder, bishop bag stuff sack, continuous loops, 8′ tree straps, whoopie slings with dutch biners.
Total hammock wt with bugnet/accessories in stuff sack w/o suspension: 23.7 oz. Top cover is 4.95 oz.
In mint condition, purchased Nov. 2017, never took on any trips, only slept in a couple of nights in backyard.
Current replacement cost would be $395.95 prior to shipping. Asking price: $265 delivered CONUS Paypal G&S.
PM if interested.