Cook kit by Evernew includes one 800 ml pot with lid, one 600 ml pot with lid, one 5.5″ dia non-stick coated fry pan, aluminum pot grabber and stuff sack (which I forgot to photograph). Although the cookware exteriors are stained consistent with extensive use, the insides of pots are clean. The inside of the pan has a couple of minor stains that do not affect the coating or cooking. All items nest inside each other. Note that the 600 ml pot does not have handles, hence the pot grabber.

Stats: 800 pot 5.65″ dia x 2.8″ tall     Weight 6.02 oz (Lid 2oz)

600 pot 5.19″ dia x 2.45″ tall    Weight 3.65 oz (Lid 1.87 oz)

Fry Pan 5.6″  dia x 1.49″ tall     Weight 5.57 oz

It is a sturdy and rugged set of cookware in the fine tradition of Evernew. $30 includes shipping to a USA address.