I bought this quilt as a 30 degree in 2016 but I had them add 3oz to bring it down to a 20 degree rating at end of 2017.  However, I would consider these to be survival ratings!  It is more akin to a 30-40 Katabatic quilt.  External fabric:  Blue 10D with green 20D “weather stripes” (head and foot end for moisture management).  Internal fabric: charcoal 10D.  Stuff sack and storage sack included.   Small nick in outer fabric repaired with Tenacious Tape a few years back and completely stable (no down loss; I tried to find it to include a picture but have not been able to).  19oz (quilt alone).   I always sleep with dedicated sleep clothes including socks so the quilt is fresh. Asking  $140 plus $15 to contribute to USPS Priority shipping fees in the lower 48 and Paypal fee.  Only sales in the US are considered.