I LOVE THIS PACK!!  Dan Durston did a simply outstanding job of designing a backpack where everything is just about exactly where you’d want it to be.  The construction is super robust.  Outstanding.  Then why am I selling it? It’s too long in the torso.  I’m 21″ and that length is right between sizes M and L.  I went with the L.  When it was loaded I had to choose either shoulders or waist to carry the load.  I couldn’t quite get it to where they shared the burden correctly.  And I’m thinking that if I went with the M the waist belt would be above the iliac crest with the shoulder straps maxed out long.  (I remember seeing where Dan had mentioned on a forum somewhere that there would be a select few that would be between sizes and it might not work out so well for them.  Well…I’m one of those guys I guess.  Lucky me…)  Regardless, the pack has only been used on the Sawtooth Wilderness Loop for 6 days and is in EXCELLENT CONDITION.  I couldn’t even find any dirt on the bottom.  On Durston’s website the packs are currently back ordered until Nov-Dec time frame.  I’m asking $240 and I’ll cover the shipping.  They’re going for $260 on Dan’s web page, but please understand I’m definitely not trying to undercut him.  This bag IS used after all…  $240 shipped is a solid deal considering the condition of the pack.

(I travel quite a bit for my job so please understand it may take a few days to turn it around and get it out the door to you.  Also, I looked all over my PayPal app and can’t find if I’m Friends & Family or not.  I know there’s a caution in the notes about that for buyers to be wary of that.  If I AM F&F then I apologize.)