I am listing for sale an item that I have been developing and testing through the inspiration of the developer of the PadPal and members of the long distance backpacking community called a “Quilt Liner”. One thing that has always bothered me about ultralight backpacking is that the industry continues to make sleeping bag liners, but has not yet presented the backpacking community with an alternative for quilts. This product was born out of that desire to fill a gap that I have found.

Some features of my quilt liner is that it is designed for 6 foot tall or less size (people and quilts). The fabric is very stretchy, and I added additional width to my latest version, so it should fit most body types with no issue. I may make longer versions in the future if demand is there. It is truly multi-functional and as ultralight as possible. It has a drawstring closure at the end which can be opened or closed as needed to match your quilt. I have four attachment points with velcro that you can customize to your needs to close up the liner as much as you want or need. If you want to, you can completely open it up and use it as a blanket in the summer, or use it by itself as well just like a quilt in high temperatures. If you want to wrap it around your TAPERED sleeping pad (this was tested on the Thermarest NeoAir Xlight), that option is also 100% supported as the velcro under your pad will stay attached using your body weight. During my early testing, I found that attaching the liner to the top edge of your sleeping quilt enhances the performance by holding it more in place if you toss and turn in the night. There are three velcro attachment points on the top edge of the liner and each liner comes with three sticky velcro sections to attach to your quilt should you desire. I have found them to be unobtrusive and not bothersome when the quilt liner is not in use.

I have tested this on multiple long section hikes on the AT in both the early Spring and early Fall and found that it has been a great addition to my kit. It’s easily washable after use, protecting my quilt itself from additional odor and forms a very soft and comfortable layer. At abut 380g, it’s not a tremendous amount of extra weight to carry when the conditions dictate, and especially in the heat of the summer, it will be all you need!

I have a few different color combinations available as follows. I also tried to use a coordinating thread for the sewing. Please don’t expect professional sewing as I am still teaching myself and learning as well as hoping to use some proceeds from this sale to re-invest in this project if demand grows from this community for more of them!

(Pictures of each of these appear in my link below so you can see them)
Charcoal x2 – Light Blue Drawstring, White Cord Lock OR Green Drawstring and Red Cord Lock
Brick/Cinnamon x2 – Light Blue Drawstring, White Cord Lock OR Yellow Drawstring and Yellow Cord Lock
Tan/Light Brown x2 – Green Drawstring and White Cord Lock OR Yellow Drawstring and Yellow Cord Lock
Between Royal & Navy x1 – Red Drawstring and Red Cord Lock

As far as cost, I am listing my Merino quilt liners for $110 each shipped and including PayPal G&S fee in exchange for feedback from you in assistance of developing the product and making it better. I’m open to any and all comments you have while using it and if at any time you want to send back for a refund, I’ll be happy to oblige.
If you want one and miss this batch, please post here that you would like one. I’ll add you into my queue for my next batch of liners. I didn’t want to invest a tremendous amount of money into this first round, but if the demand is there, I’ll make more.

More Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/DOCRkt1

Thanks for looking everyone and hoping for a positive response!