All prices include shipping; you pay a G&S charge. If you buy multiple items, you will get discounts. There is nothing wrong with anything; you just need to make room for a little one.

I am selling a 20-30 night Zpacks Duplex Burnt Orange for $420

Yama Cirriform Tarp .75 old version, the not minimal version used 15ish nights plus brand new 1p net tent – $300

Tarptent Aeon Li Zippered version used about 20-30 nights – no damage solid condition $390 17 ounces

Western Mountaineering 5F Antelope right side zipper 6feet Used 5 nights – $500

Montbell Mens Tec Thermawrap Pants Medium full zipper 12 ounces $80

Cumulus fastpack 50F mummy bag with no zipper used 10 nights 11.2 ounces $200