Pics & verification –

Shifting priorities with my free time, looking to clear out some of the options that just hang in the gear closet.  Prices include US shipping, add 3% for PayPal fees.  Weight taken with a luggage scale (accurate-ish), and all shelters have pretty long guy lines.  Ounces to be cut if you’re into that.  Package deals for sure considered if you’re buying multiple items.


Gossamer Gear Mariposa | Large Torso, Large & Med Belts | 35.5oz w/ Lg Belt – $150

  • Weight includes some compression I rigged on the sides
  • Inner hydration bladder has been clipped…when I did that the scissors snipped the pack body (really small spot), repair that inside and out with tenacious tape
  • Sealed up hydration port w/ tenacious tape (keep that water out when it’s raining!)
  • Prev owner put the frame through the pack at some point and had that repaired professionally, will snag detailed pics and add that to the album

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Junction | Tall, Black DCF | 36.5oz – $275

  • Only carried on a few training hikes
  • MYOG stretchy sternum strap w/ whistle buckle
  • Weight includes rigging over outer pocket
  • Clipped compression over side pockets, triglides from 4 tabs, and inner hydration bladder
  • Replaced side compression w/ g-hooks (allows you to pop them off to lash things like trekking poles into your pockets)


MLD Duomid Setup (everything below) – $500

  • MLD Duomid | Gray Sil | 20.0oz
  • MLD Duo Inner | Sil | 14.0oz
  • MLD Solo Inner | Sil | 13.5oz
  • Ruta Locura Pole Jacks (carbon fiber w/ centering spring and bushing)
    • 2 really long ones for inverted V pitches
    • 1 ~8” one for single pole pitch

Tarptent Double Rainbow | 44.0oz – $175

  • Older model, updated (MYOG style) w/ a removable top cross strut
  • Small puncture in tent floor, repaired w/ a gear aid silnylon patch
  • Small tear in arch sleeve (directly under ribbon reinforcement), doesn’t affect integrity or function
  • Held up really well in some serious rain on the Superior Trail last summer

Yama 2P Cirriform | 20.0oz – $180

  • Older model (no side entry)
  • Patch from prev owner in vestibule vent
  • Gen hasn’t made these for years and doesn’t have plans to (last I checked via email)
  • Took a long time to find this…I’d be ok hanging onto it too

Other Stuff

  • Chaco Size 12 Mens Sandals – $25
  • If you want a trash compactor bag for a pack liner, ask me to toss one into the box