FS Trail Designs Caldera Cone that uses a 10/12 alcohol stove (included). It is sized for a 900 ml short pot. (Evernew 900 ml short pot, ECA 183, REI Ti-Ware 900 and Vargo 900 ml short is written on the plastic lid). ┬áComes with a plastic caddy bowl/mug/storage, plastic fuel bottle with flip top squirt lid, a separate bigger flip up squirt lid with a tube attached that fits a container like a water bottle, a cough syrup type measuring cup, and a simmer ring for the alcohol stove. ┬áAsking $25 and I pay shipping. ┬áPayPal [email protected] and I’ll get it in the mail and send you the tracking number.

PS the other cone I sold burned three fuels.  This one just burns alcohol as I understand it.

I can send you pics if you send me email.