This is a tough one to let go. Selling my beloved Borah Gear Snowyside eVent bivy.  It is shark grey eVent on top and brownish silpoly bottom. Its a large size so plenty of room in there for you and your winter gear. It was a custom made bivy so dual zipper goes 1/4 down on EACH side. (So sweet). I do NOT have the bugnet because lets be real here. This is a WINTER bivy and it is NOT needed. Also, honestly,  the bug net for the Snowyside bivy was kind of a hassel because it just velcro on and off.  So getting in and out at night was annoying and everything would stick to the velcro, so I ditched it and never looked back. I would usually sleep with it open or mostly zipped up, never had any condensation or issues.  This bivy saved my life when my hammock tarp got shredded in a blizzard on Hunter Mt in Catskills. It weighs approximately 14 ounces without stuff sack and 15 ounces with. It looks and is good as new. I take special care of all my gear because I love it and it is not cheap! Letting this go regrettably but over the last year I have not used it since I have been grabbing other gear to use.

Selling it for $185 shipping included in the US via USPS. Email [email protected] if interested..