Pretty much brand new. Just recently used it for 2 nights in the Catskills in the snow. You can see plenty of it in the video i posted on YouTube and my trip report on these forums. I really like this tent for winter. Everything was perfect, i just wanted slightly longer length for spending more time inside the tent, so I decided to go with the 3P version. For my recent trip 2 nights was fine in the 2P.. even more would be fine if I was using it for hiking longer days and just to sleep in at night.. but for more base camp and camping style.. spending a lot of time inside the tent.. the extra length is what I am interested in.. so selling the 2P with vestibule and shipping included.. $475.  This tent sets up very easy once you get the hang of it, with 2 internal poles and 1 small cross pole on top. After a few times setting it up you will have a plan and it gets fast and easier.  Breaking down is super fast and simple.. which is awesome when its snowing and very cold out! I am abke to pitch it and break it down with my gloves or mittens on.. again, another reason I really like it. Also, the material stays taught tight and does not sag or loosen. Huge side entry door with mesh bug screen and back window has half mesh screen also.. just one bonus after another with this 4 season tent. It holds up to winds very stable as I had it pitched in my yard thru some strong wind and rains.. and in the snow on recent trip with some wind and strong gusts.. I was inside it most of day and all night, kept me cozy and safe, tent did not budge at all. Email [email protected] or pm here if interested.