Selling my BA Three Wire Bivy. I purchased it in Jan 2021 and used 6 nights (always with a polycro ground sheet), and it’s in great condition.

The long side entry zip make it easy to get in and out. The poles and awning mean you can leave the “door” cracked open even in light rain and snow. Combined with the full bug netting, there’s a lot of ventilation relative to other bivys I’ve tried. Similarly, there’s lots of head room (for a bivy) and space to keep items inside, and room for a wide pad. I’ve used an Xtherm Max wide with no issue. At the end of the day it’s still a bivy, so know what you’re getting into in terms of internal room and condensation management.

Only change from stock is that I removed (and lost) the guyline on the top of the bivy because I found it completely unnecessary with the headroom from the poles. The stakes were stored in a container with esbit so smell a little fishy, but I’m happy to ship them sealed or swap out the bag.

I believe the bivy is the same version as currently shown on the BA website, although it has been discontinued and out of stock for quite a while.

Price includes shipping to CONUS, add 3% for G&S. Happy to answer questions or take any additional photos!