A pole-or-trekking-pole single person shelter in silnylon. Comes with two poles. Priced low at $150 just to get it to someone who may use it – I’m too tall for it.  It is well made, with somewhat primitive guy-tightening ramps that I would probably ditch and just use taut-line hitches instead if I were packing it a lot. Ventilation loop at top of shelter is in great shape. No rips/tears/abrasions on shelter. I bought this used.

*If you are 6’2″ or taller, this is not the shelter for you.*


We’ve got a nice melange of frozen mud and ice on the ground right now so I can’t set it up for pics, will do if it hangs around the gearswap for a while.

From the maker:



my pics:

I can do cash/check/USPS MO, I got off electronic monies and haven’t felt bad about it. I’m new on this forum so I’m happy to ship first. -R