Arc’Teryx made a limited run of thee amazing jackets which combine high-quality down with strategically-placed synthetic insulation to create this warm, super-packable, fully-featured jacket.

I tried it on over a regular shirt…it worked great…so I took the tags off and hung it up. Then I went to head out on a trip and tried it over a new favorite base / mid layer setup, walking around in my back yard, and it is just a tad too small. I’d happily keep it for other situations given that it really is an amazing piece…but I’m looking to downsize some gear in general and am looking to whittle my stuff down to as close to all-US-made as possible.

As new, no smells / blems / anything
They’re ‘unobtainium’ at the moment and I don’t know that they’ll make these again.

High quality down with strategically placed synthetic insulations (eg. shoulders and cuffs) where the jacket is more likely to get wet.

I’m pretty flexible on payment options.

Arc’teryx Cerium SL down jacket (7.8 oz)
$359 MSRP
Men’s large, black sapphire color