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Want to Buy (WTB) / Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 or Nemo Dragonfly 1P
Robert Ryan September 25, 2021 Hub and Pole Tents
Want to Trade (WTT) / WM Ultralite for WM Alpinlite
John Herring September 25, 2021 Sleeping Bags
For Sale (FS) / Feathered Friends Flicker 20 UL Wide Long – Tangerine
open |  $400
Rob P September 25, 2021 Sleeping Bags
Want to Buy (WTB) / WTB Patagonia Grade VII
John Hillam September 24, 2021 Insulation - High Loft Down
For Sale (FS) / Hilleberg Unna (Sand)
closed |  $650
Phil Davis September 24, 2021 Wedge/Dome Tents
For Sale (FS) / Delorme InReach
Teddy September 24, 2021 Navigation & Electronics
Want to Buy (WTB) / HMG Southwest 3400 size M
Ben September 24, 2021 Internal Frame Backpacks
For Sale (FS) / Swarovski NL Pure 10×42
open |  $2750
Jacob S September 23, 2021 Multisport/Other Activities

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