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For Sale (FS) / Vargo Titanium Bifold Grill WG Fire starter
open |  $50 $40.00
John July 29, 2022 Cooking Systems
For Sale (FS) / Vargo 1 ltr Ti BOT cook kit
closed |  $25
Porter Storey May 18, 2022 Cooking Systems
For Sale (FS) / SOLD Vargo Triad Titanium Stove Kit
closed |  $35
Bill B May 4, 2022 Alcohol Stoves
For Sale (FS) / Vargo Titanium V3 Pocket Cleats
closed |  $30
Patrick W January 23, 2022 Traction Devices
For Sale (FS) / Vargo Titanium Pocket Cleats
open |  $40
Patrick W January 22, 2022 Traction Devices
For Sale (FS) / FS: Used VARGO TITANIUM flask with built-in silicone funnel
open |  $45 $38
Adam Kramer July 29, 2021 Hydration Systems
For Sale (FS) / Titanium shepherd’s crook tent stakes – bundle of 10
open |  $24 $18
Johnny Mikes June 9, 2021 Tent Stakes

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