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    David Kuchtrczyk


    Love them. Light and suprisingly compressible for synthetic. Don’t think twice about taking them with me (unlike my DAS parka).

    The full length zips makes you willing to actually take them on/off when needed rather than sit there thinking about how long you can last freezing / overheating.

    The Patagonia size chart is a bit misleading. Inseam length indicates that M through XL is limited to 33″ My L are more than long enough and I wear 34 length pants. My boots stay fully covered with the pants even when sitting.

    Manuel Ceja


    I ordered these pants after I spent a very cold night, with just above freezing temperatures and a too lightweight bag.

    These pants work exactly as advertised. They are easy to don – When I arrived at camp I used the full length zippers to put them on, without having to remove my boots. Nice.

    They have a reinforced seat, so I tried them out by planting myself on various logs, stones, and rocks – Afterwards the fabric did not show any obvious signs of wear & tear.

    At night I used the same bag as before, but this time found the the pants too warm. Midway during the night, even after opening the pant legs I took them off and used them as a pillow. The insulation just retained way too much warmth to be comfortable inside my bag, for the temperature outside, ~39 deg F.

    The insulation, Polarguard Delta, is somewhat high volume; you may want to put them in a stuff sack (not supplied). My pack is sufficiently big, so that I did not need to but, the material is slippery nylon, and they will shift around in you pack.

    My bottom line – They over delivered on they promise. They are great, lightweight, windproof, comfortable, very insulating pants. Perfect for base camp or an extended belay. They will serve me well in the upcoming winter season. (Plus they have a fly!)

    I did look at BMW’s Cacoon pants, but they do not offer the same easy on, easy off flexibility that I was looking for.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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