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    T. Sedlak


    A spacious and lightweight dome tent that is increasingly recommended for 8000m peaks. Minimum weight of 5.5 lbs, 36.6 square feet plus 13 sq ft vestibule. 3 aluminum pole design. There is a single entrance to the inner tent, but one can enter the vestibule from the left or right. The inner tent is free standing, but two stakes are needed for the vestibule. About 14 stakes total could be used for guylines and tent corners for really intense conditions.

    The triangular vent on the roof is easily adjusted from inside the inner tent. Additional venting is possible by partially unzipping the screen on the entry, but this tent would be a little stuffy in low elevation, warm conditions. Though officially for 2 people, 3 could fit in the generous 36 sqr ft. (Area/Wt ratio 0.56 ft2/oz).

    The inner and outer tent are attached, so the inner stays dry when setting up in bad weather.

    At an 11,000+ feet base camp with daily rain, hail and strong winds the tent was reasonably quiet in the gusts. Runners on the guy lines make a super taut pitch very easy. Condensation was minimal through rain, hail and freezing conditions, though I did use a groundsheet in the vestibule (limiting condensation from rising from the ground). As a double wall setup, the tent is likely too warm for hot weather, though setup is possible without the outer tent. My wife and I both really love this tent.

    stephen wark


    Locale: Green Mountains

    I've had a lot of tents in my day, and this one is the champ! It is easy to set up, lightweight and strong. Ventilation is amazing and it just seems like Hilleberg had been listening in to all the bitching and moaning that happens during overnights, and actually did something about it!

    r m


    I'd mark this 4.5 if I could.

    I use this as a winter tent, mostly on snow. It's a tent that can be used in a lot more situations than that, but for me its too heavy to carry outside of winter.

    – The vestibule has a lot of storage space, a lot of it will be with the fly sitting directly on your gear owing to the very shallow slope of it near the front. This works out OK, it provides space to leave things without snow collecting, and the things provide structure so the weight of the snow hasn't been a problem. Unless you dig down don't expect to be able to spend time sitting in the vestibule.

    – The bathtube floor is heavy, and unneeded on when its below freezing. The bathtube floor attracts a lot of condensation.

    – A little bit of snow gets in if its snowing and you use the closer zip to enter/exit the tent (as you probably will – the far zip is a long way away and by using that you'll disturb your storage space more).

    – There's enough space for two people, it was comfortable but not spacious.

    – The feet end is quite slopey, which is extra annoying as the bathtube walls get condensation, that you tend to accidently mop up with your footbox.

    – Guy lines and adjusters are great, no problems there

    – While full length pole sleeves might be quicker at times, I really like the clipping arrangement.

    – The inner is attached to the outer with elastic, over time this will stretch and the inner will become saggy and seem smaller. Known problem, but not a big one

    I quite like the tent. Winter tents are never going to be light, but it did represent a poor enough weight to space ratio that I'll be experimenting with mids or ditching the inner on future snow trips.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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