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    Mike Barney


    Locale: AZ, the Great Southwest!

    I’ve made several orders from the Gear Shop here, and the response is always quick, well organized, and delivered quickly with good notification. The merchandise arrived on time and in good condition.

    This is a well focused site with a lot of proven gear, reasonable prices comparable with other outlets including some discount, and with fast delivery. One other nice aspect is in BPL being out of state, there is no sales tax, another nice small break.

    I’m happy to do business with BPL Gear Shop. They keep you informed on your order status. They respond promptly with an email telling me what I ordered, when it is likely to ship, and other info.

    I found the same light for several $’s less on another popular website, but little things like these emails from BPL make it worth the $3 in this case.

    Note to Ryan: OK, I spilled the beans that I’ll pay a premium, but I’m putting 4 kids through college, so let’s keep those margins thin! :)

    Upon shipment, you’ll receive an email, like the following, that keeps you informed:

    To: eaglemb
    Subject: Your order number BPLT99999 has completely shipped!
    From: Customer Service <[email protected]>

    This is an automatically generated email. If you have questions about
    your order, please visit Customer Service Online:

    Dear Mike,

    We have made the last shipment of your order #BPLT99999. It is now complete!

    Shipping Method: Free Shipping
    Tracking Number: 999999999999999999999

    Quantity Description

    1 Freedom Micro LED Light (photon_light_micro_led)

    You can view your entire order status here:

    Should you have a question about your items, or about other
    products, please reply to this message and let us help.

    Contact us: <;

    Remember, you can always visit our site at:

    Regards and thanks for your business!
    1627 West Main Street, Suite No. 310
    Bozeman, MT 59715
    FAX: 406.522.0948

    Craig Shelley


    Locale: Rocky Mountains

    I’ve ordered from the gear store. I’ve never had any problems. I receive the package quickly. There are some items that you just cannot get at a better price than the gear store too.

    b d


    Locale: Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.

    The Gear Shop is great. They send emails when you order to confirm, and let you know when the gear and order is shipped and complete. The gear arrives quickly and is exactly what it is described as. It by itself is an education, let alone the other parts of the BPL web site.

    This site is not only my go to info source, it is a community of Knowing Ones who walk the walk and talk the talk. So, since it isn't carried with me it does not get a five for the ratio of performance to weight on the trail … but gets if for the UL efficiency of its structure as a web community and its performance on my computer here at home. Thanks, BPL, for the info, inspiration, and insights. bd

    Jason Shaffer


    Locale: on the move....

    I've been a member under different user-names since BPL's first few months, and I have been continually impressed. However, in the last 2 years in particular, BPL has improved its customer service TREMENDOUSLY. I remember waiting more than a week on product inquiries, etc. Many members complained, and now it's a couple of days or less. I waited months for the first production runs of the cocoon pullover, trekking poles, etc. after my credit card was billed, but fully informed that this would be the case. Many members groaned, so BPL changed their pre-orders policy. Less than a year ago, we were hollering for a more balanced content between reviews and techniques. BPL immediately and openly addressed this debate in the newletters and the forums, and has since made noticable (tho still incomplete) efforts to meet this demand. It has been great to watch this site grow and change — especially since so much of that growth has been fueled by a responsiveness to member feedback.

    I'd give a 4.5 if I could, only because I'd still like to see more technique- and trip-related articles. But still…
    Good content, great products, and a truly superb community. Keep it up guys.

    John Haley


    Locale: New York/Vermont Border

    I am quick to judge a company by my perception of their customer service (see my recent reviews of several ompanies). Having worked in several areas where anything but excellence is not accepted and I find it difficult to change my views now.

    My dealings with and orders with the BPL Gear Shop have been extremely smooth with excellent communications throughout. Prices and product quality are as good as, or better than other sources. I've found uses for lightweight items that I've purchased that I never would have guessed was possible.

    Great dealing with the "Store". I've another order en route right now.

    joe tittiger


    Locale: on the road

    I recently placed an order and it was mailed to a FedEx Kinkos in Yuma AZ and had some problems caused mainly by FedEx's mistakes and business policies.

    We finally did get it straightened out but it was made more difficcult by BPL not having a phone number where they pick up and you can talk to a human being.


    Jeff Boone
    BPL Member


    I've placed four orders in the last couple of months, and BPL has been very fast. Not had any problems to determine how well they'll deal with them yet, but I am very happy.

    kevin davidson


    Locale: Mythical State of Jefferson

    Very efficient and friendly CS from BPL. Addie (and Ryan—when A. is on vacation) runs a tight ship—-my questions and requests have been handled very promptly and services like running down to the warehouse to get the exact measurement of something like the hem length of a Cocoon parka, cheerfully performed.

    Ryan, give her a raise!

    Per Hansen


    Locale: Sunny Southern Greenland

    I just have to second Kevin on this one. Ryan give Addie a raise! What ever you are paying her, just give her some more to make sure she will not be leaving. Customer service would be a poorer place without her.

    During the past year I have run into several issues needing attention and Addie really gives new meaning to the word customer service. In any new dictionary editions they just have to write Addie Morstad under the listing customer service.

    Roger B
    BPL Member


    Locale: Denmark

    When it came to the need to change the delivery address from local to international for an impending delivery, there was no fuss. After a couple of emails the address was changed and the products arrived in a timely manner, what more can you ask.

    Well done Addie and BPL.

    Dustin Meyer


    Locale: Kansas City Metro

    I spoke briefly with Addie from BPL yesterday on the phone and just wanted to say what a pleasant experience it was. I had an issue with my subscription and she clearly explained all of my options and was a pleasure to talk to. Customer support is an important part of any business and Addie definitely does a great job. Keep up the good work BPL.

    Siegmund Beimfohr
    BPL Member


    I had the opportunity to talk with Addie briefly on a return to BPL. She was most helpful and very pleasant to talk with. The return process itself was organized and simple; this part of the web site does have it nailed. If only all customer service experiences were this enjoyable.

    Ryan Hutchins


    Locale: Somewhere out there

    I just got off the phone W/ Karen from BPL Customer service. She was really helpful in helping me out w/ a leaky torso-lite. She was quick to return my initial call (even though I missed her return call!) and got back to me promptly with information. She was really polite and friendly, we even shared stories of leaky pads a bit. Everything customer service should be!

    Joe Westing


    After having a problem with my BPL print subscription (totally my bad), Karen quickly (within a day) and kindly fixed everything. Couldn't ask for anything more.

    Jay Wilkerson
    BPL Member


    Locale: East Bay

    So I have been ordering since 2006 and if my brain is still working every product I have ordered has been delivered to my house in 2-4 days after ordering. That is a great track record. The products overall are great if not excellent geared to the UL enthusiasts. BPL has allowed me to learn a lot from there forums and has supplied me with outstanding UL backpacking gear. BPL's GEAR gets to your house fast. I am a very happy customer!!!

    Barnett Childress


    Locale: New England

    Have purchased many items from BPL. Ordering is hassle free & products ship fast. Had a bit of a mix up on the last order but BPL worked to resolve it.

    Will definitely buy from again.

    joe w



    Diana Vann
    BPL Member


    Locale: Wandering

    I'm a returning BPL member. Sometimes I'm away from my computer for a month or two at a time, and those annual renewals really come up fast for me, so I had let my membership lapse.

    But I missed BPL (though I continued to receive the online newsletter, which really reinforced that fact that I was missing out on a lot of good information). So I finally took action and signed up again. This time I chose a lifetime membership. No more lapsed memberships for me!

    While setting up my account again, I encountered a problem with functionality that was actually caused by a Firefox issue–but at first that wasn't apparent.

    Addie was extremely helpful, and responded to my problem in a very timely manner. She also continued to help resolve my problem even when it became clear that it was not an issue with the BPL site. Thanks, Addie. Great customer service!

    John Castro-Rappl
    BPL Member


    I ordered a backpack, then upon its arrival realized I had made a critical error; my gear was light enough, but too bulky for the bag. I sent the pack back to BPl, then sent them a message a few days later. Sam immediately replied to my message and processed my return within the same day-fast!

    Thanks for another great experience, my membership is constantly justified by these types of interactions.

    Jason Delso
    BPL Member


    Locale: DFW

    I recently had to refuse an order from BPL that was damaged in shipping (resulting in fabric cleaner soaking everything else in the box). I immediately opened a support ticket online to see what I needed to do to get the order re-shipped. Sam responded quickly and kept me informed each step of the way.

    When my order was re-shipped, one (small) item was out of stock. Sam was up front about it and promptly refunded the difference. Then I got another communication from Sam about the extra packing measures to ensure I wouldn't have the same problem. And it was sent via another carrier, overnight. All this for a piddly ~$35 order of odds and ends.

    With this and other orders, Sam has provided customer service greatly exceeding expectations, and I can't recommend the BPL gear shop highly enough.

    David Moreno
    BPL Member


    Locale: New England

    This is just a suggestion.

    I purchased a couple of items a few years back from the gear shop.

    A while later I tried to sign up to be informed when out of stock items came in, but never received e-mail notification.

    It was only a few months ago when I became a member and started posting in the forums that I was notified by members that the gear shop is out of business and that it has been for some time now.

    I understand and appreciate that the items and their specs are still listed (very helpful).

    But, the items can be found using search engines, and when found, appear to the common Joe (non member) to only be out of stock. I myself have waited for gear to come in stock while forgoing purchasing items elsewhere for up to a year.

    I'm sure that this problem affects other perspective buyers as well.

    My suggestion would be that you add a blanket statement to all product pages to inform the people that come across them that the gear shop is no longer in business.

    Thanks, Dave

    Cayenne Redmonk
    BPL Member


    Locale: Greater California Ecosystem

    I returned my mlife membership after BPL failed to honor the terms of the purchase. There was no longer a store. There never was an ask an expert forum. The strategic input meetings never happened. Advertisements plastered everywhere.

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