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    Harlan Bruce


    Locale: DFW MetroPlex

    All I can say is Wow! Very nice construction quality; nice compromise on features and weight. A basic four-stake setup right out of the box the first time took 60 seconds. In terms of room, it is a palace as compared to my Rainbow I. And it stakes tight to the ground for pretty wind-proof setup if it is really nasty out. The doorway is usable even with the bottom buckle in place, serving to help keep weather off your gear inside. It is my first floorless shelter and this will take a little adjustment on my part. I have added the Gossamer Gear ground sheets to my kit and will most likely take both sheets with me so I can cover the entire interior. First trip with it will be Memorial Day weekend in the White Mountain Wilderness in southern New Mexico – provided that the flu doesn't get us all first. I'll report back on my experience with this thing after the trip.

    Back from my two-night trip. One complaint. SilNylon sag really impedes the headroom. It rained and the walls really come in – even with the side pullouts. The problem is really one of the pyramid shape and not really any sort of design defect at all. So I have made a set of four tensioners to go on the corners for the next trip. A little more weight, but getting up in the pre-dawn to move tent stakes is not my idea of fun. Otherwise, this thing was great – much room, packs small, easy to set up, and light.

    A follow-up after four nights out. The tarp does much better with the tensioners. I strongly suggest a set of four for anyone using the SilNylon version.

    I was subjected to a brief, strong rain and experienced mist-through. This most definitely was not simply condensation being knocked off the underside. This would have gotten uncomfortable over a longer duration. My simple fix: add a coat of rather thin silicone sealant – low odor spirits solution to the inside. This should reduce or eliminate the the mist through. This is not a complaint about MLD or the DuoMid, but is simply a fact of life with SilNylon.

    Overall, my experience of six nights out with the DuoMid leaves me very pleased. Weight, roominess, ease of setup, headroom, quality of manufacture all are great.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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