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    Stephen Eggleston


    Locale: South Bayish

    I have used this filter for about 2 years. There are several 'pros' about this filter, a few 'cons' and one concern.
    The Pros: no chemicals involved, very light for a filter, the in-line idea is very functional, no pumping, no wait, doesn't clog easily(with care), simple/sturdy/easy care, water tastes good, economical
    The Cons: not SUL, hose/barb connections will leak in time(easy fix), a bit bulky for hands free hydration
    The Concern: How well does it filter?? I've been getting 'the runs' when I go out. During my next outing I will use Aqua Mira to find out if it is the filter or me.

    Update(12/06): Well I have been using Aqua Mira exclusively for about 1 year now and can now say (based on personal observation only) that using the Seychelle gave me 'the runs'. My theory is that the Seychelle filter just doesn't have a small enough pore size to be effective for my GI system. I would now only use this filter in conjunction with a chemical treatment.

    Ken Helwig
    BPL Member


    Locale: Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA

    I too like the idea of this filter. The problem that I have had is getting the runs too. This has now happened a few times. Wonder if the filter is working at all.

    Aaron Wallace
    BPL Member


    I had hoped to use the Seychelle to replace the no-longer-available SweetWaterAnywhere inline filter, which IMHO was a superior product. I have two concerns about the Seychelle: 1) The threaded nipple/o-ring used to connect the inner filter element to the housing is very weak–on one filter I received the nipple was broken due to over-tightening at the factory. On another unit, the o-ring had been pinched by the threads, resulting in a questionable seal. 2) When flushing the filter (as recommended), a significant amount of water squirts out from the seam between the filter element and its plastic base (based on three separate units). Both of these issues *could* result in water bypassing the filter element. I have no way to determine if the filter actually does allow unfiltered water to bypass the filter element, but these two issues reduced my confidence in the unit sufficiently that I chose to use an alternative treatment method.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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