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    Richard Matthews


    Locale: Colorado Rockies

    Blast 32 by Zpack

    Options and additions:
    Webbing belt,
    Sternum strap,
    Daisy chain on shoulder straps,
    Base shock cord loops,
    One shoulder pouch,
    Shockcord and cordlock water bottle holder on shoulder strap,and
    Two belt pouches.

    Total weight 7.5 oz.

    The feature set that makes this pack unique:
    Big enough to carry a .375” ccf pad inside with room to spare,
    Base shock cord loops make a sit pad easily accessible,
    Water is carried in the side pocket low and close to the body – the pockets will hold a 2 liter soft drink PET bottle,
    The belt is a carrier for the belt pockets and not necessary for comfort,
    No mesh pockets that snag while bushwhacking, and

    This pack has the features a hiker needs and not the features an MBA thinks it needs to sell. The material is amazing and the craftsmanship is excellent. The stress points are reinforced. Joe is great to work with and very responsive.

    Richard D.
    BPL Member


    Locale: Eastern Europe / Caucasus

    I have the same configuration as the above reviewer, but with 2 shoulder pouches. I also have the Blast 18 (equivalent in size and design to the Zilch).

    These are the only packs I know made of this more durable variety of cuben fiber, which is a lot more durable than silnylon or spinnaker and lighter than nylon of equivalent strength. The material is tough, waterproof (there are not many seams, and you could seam seal them yourself), and attracts a lot of incredulous stares and questions.

    This is a tentative "5," because I've used the packs only on a 3-day hike up Pikes Peak, but my companion and I like them so much that we have chosen them above other alternatives to take on our Colorado CDT thru-hike.

    The packs have two large, usable side pockets for water bottles, and a large back pocket that is generous enough to not have to think too much about whether or not there's enough room to put things back there. The design is simplistic and ingenious and allows for attaching trekking poles or GoLite umbrella to the side easily.

    With the four pockets on front, I have lots of room for my rather large camera (Canon G7) in the shoulder pocket, toiletries and random items I may use on the trail. I have found the padding on the hip pockets very sufficient for loads up to at least 20 lbs, and haven't been above that yet. The pack carries very comfortably for me.

    In short, this is the lightest pack of its size with this degree of durability, and has a simple, yet highly functional design with side and back pockets that are larger and more useful than other UL packs I have seen.


    Added 6 months and 50 trail days later. The pack has held up well. I would project its lifespan at 100-150 days. It's starting to get frayed in places, but no functionality has been compromised. Pack is comfortable to 12 kg (25 lbs), which is about standard for frameless packs. I continue to like the features of this pack and do not see any significant shortcomings.

    Jim Sweeney
    BPL Member


    Locale: Northern California

    I have a version or this pack with no waist belt, a drink tube opening, daisy chains on the shoulder straps, shock cord lashing on the front, and two shoulder pouches. Total weight, 5.55 oz. Without a waist belt, the pack's weight hangs entirely from the shoulders, and one doesn't need a foam pad for structure. Instead, the foam pad is lashed to the front of the pack. This keeps the densest part of the pack closest to my back, creating less backward pull.

    The pack carries very well, seems quite tough, and is semi-translucent, which makes it much easier to have a sense of where things are within it. And of course, it's super-light.

    Bill Poett


    Locale: Santa Barbara

    I've used the Zpacks Blast 32 for a year now and couldn't be happier. No hip belt and comes in under 5 ounces. Regularly carry 12 -17 pounds in total comfort. Just got back from a weekend snow trip with plenty of carry room left over. With over 25 trail days and some care it looks like it did the day I got it. Have carried 25 pounds for a 22 mile day and the pack did just fine.

    Excellent piece of equipment that I highly recommend.

    Thanks Joe

    Steven Schaftlein
    BPL Member


    Locale: Mid West

    I just finished 200 miles of the CT with the next larger size than the ZPack Dyneema x 26. I found it comfortable and practical.
    After communicating with Joe Vasko, I've added "non streatchable lashing" to the sides and the back. The new arrangement appears more than adequate for good compression. The new arrangement should make the pack good for a weekend or for more than a week without resupply.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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