Trekking Techniques for Early-Season Conditions

Andrew Skurka's insights and techniques for early season trekking can dramatically increase the length of your normal hiking season.

Reducing Winter Pack Weight: Wood Fire Cooking in the Snow

For the hardcore ultralighter, cooking over wood fires in the winter offers a way to substantially reduce pack weight on longer trips, adds a bit of warmth around camp, and forces you to learn fire skills that just might save your life someday.

Backcountry Cookfires: Overview and Techniques for Cooking Over an Open Flame

Bill Stadwiser explores the practical and emotional rewards of cooking over wood in the backcountry.

Ultralight Gear and Techniques on the Edge of Winter with Backpacking Light’s Wilderness Trekking III Program

The gear chosen by the Wilderness Trekking III course participants and leaders

Take the Load Off: Using Pulks to Travel Over Snow

Pulk techniques for winter travel over snow

Igloo Building for Fun and Shelter, Part 2 – Using an Igloo as a Backcountry Shelter

Tips for igloo living and interior climate graphs to show you why you want to camp in an igloo.

Igloo Building for Fun and Shelter, Part 1 – Technique

Igloo building is a fun wintertime activity to share with family, friends, or Scouts. Build a warming hut in your favorite skiing or snowshoeing area, construct an igloo for a backcountry base camp, or design your own hut system! The Grand Shelters Icebox Igloo Building Tool does a lot of the work for you, but you’ll still need to master some essential techniques.

Ultralight in the Icebox: Post-Trip Report

Andrew Skurka talks about his cold weather tenets and ultralight gear kit following a 385 mile, 19 day backpacking trip in northern Minnesota in the dead of winter.

Taming Those Large Flexible Foil Windshields

Learn the tricks and techniques required to make a stable windshield out of floppy metal foil.

Groovy-Biotic Cooking: Quick, Healthy Meals with an Ultralight Cook Kit

All the details you need to plan backcountry vegetarian meals that are nutritious and tasty.

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