Done in a Day

Kevin Sawchuk shares his how-to on fast day hikes, and his why-to, too.

Sandals for Summer Backpacking

Chris Townsend shares his sandal wearing experience.

Ditch Your Stakes: A Guide To Alternative Shelter Anchors

Mike Clelland! has gone stakeless!

Packraft Rating (PR) System

Roman Dial demystifies whitewater for the packrafter wanting to understand the natural progression of learning to packraft in the context of increasingly difficult whitewater.

An Ultralighter Paddles on the Dark Side: Packrafting a Remote Canyon “Heavy” Style

Packrafters need to limit their gear so it fits on the bow of their six-foot-long craft. This means dehydrated food for dinner, sleeping under a tarp and wearing wet clothes dry. What is river running like when big rafts haul the food and gear...Can an ultralight packrafter be enticed to the dark side?

Decision-Making and the Lightweight Pack

Carrying a lightweight pack has consequences, but they might not be what you think.


Avoiding and treating hypothermia in the backcountry with ultralight equipment.

Trekking Techniques for Early-Season Conditions

Andrew Skurka's insights and techniques for early season trekking can dramatically increase the length of your normal hiking season.

Reducing Winter Pack Weight: Wood Fire Cooking in the Snow

For the hardcore ultralighter, cooking over wood fires in the winter offers a way to substantially reduce pack weight on longer trips, adds a bit of warmth around camp, and forces you to learn fire skills that just might save your life someday.

Backcountry Cookfires: Overview and Techniques for Cooking Over an Open Flame

Bill Stadwiser explores the practical and emotional rewards of cooking over wood in the backcountry.

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