Lightweight Testimony: Mother Nature Insisted I Go Light

Carol Crooker's essay on enlightenment shows that Mother Nature can be a pushy broad, but she gets the job done.

Not a Day on any Calendar

Backpacking Light's Wilderness Trekking School Photo Essay.

Lightweight Testimony: My Journey into Lightweight Backpacking

The true story of how Jamie survived in the woods with his paper coat.

Lightweight Testimony: Lighter, Farther, Faster

Steve Hinkle relays that carrying all the comforts of home ultimately made for a miserable trail experience, and how shedding "comforts" was actually more pleasant in the long run.

Staff Videocast: Cowboy Coffee

How do BPL Staffers stay warm, hydrated, and caffeinated in the backcountry?

Lightweight Testimony: Jim Sweeney’s Enlightenment via Lead Weights, Helium Balloons, and Yachting

"I guess I first realized my pack weight had to change when I was in intensive care recovering from a bad fishing trip."

A Passion Found, Lost, and Rediscovered

Lightweight Testimony: Tony Wong Finds, Loses, and Rediscovers a Lightweight Passion.

Gear Suited for Wet, Cold Weather Hiking

Cold & wet: really only good when it describes your dog's nose. But you can still be comfy in these conditions with the right (lightweight) gear.

Podcast: Journey on the Wild Coast – Maintaining Health and Preventing Injury

Erin and Hig discuss their minimal first aid kit and strategies for staying alive and well throughout a year of wilderness trekking.

When Things Go Wrong

Roger Caffin shares his adventure in misadventure.

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