Wild Things Introduces Cuben “Lightweight Bivy Shelter”

Weighing in at just 3.8 ounces, it's a smart application of ultralight Cuben fabric to alpine-style emergency shelters.

New Lightweight Ti Ice Axes from Simond

10.6 ounces (300 grams) for the 54 centimeter B rated model.

Big Sur Bars Big on Taste

These energy bars are EXACTLY like something your Momma would make.

G3 Spadetech and Ortovox Polar Snow Shovels

G3 and Ortovox reveal clever new snow shovel designs.

Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy Sack

Big Agnes shows an eVent hooped bivy.

Snowshoe Maker Crescent Moon Goes Eco-friendly…

...and saves weight in the process.

Axis Outdoor SmarTube Drinking System

The beauty of the SmarTube is that it enables you to use an ordinary (free) PET water bottle (or other plastic bottle) as a hydration reservoir.

Warmth Unlimited introduces lightweight down products to US Market

Polish manufacturer Warmth Unlimited launches its line of lightweight garments and bags in the US.

Freestyle Audio Fusion Digital Music Player

A good sounding, 35 gram, waterproof and shock resistant MP3 player.

National Geographic Maps Expands Explorer 3D and Weekend Explorer TOPO!

National Geographi continues to expand and improve their series of topographic mapping software.

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