What UL Backpacking Can Teach Us About Business
Hey BPL – I wrote an article on LinkedIn that talks about how lessons learned from UL backpacking can be translated to the business world. I encourage anyone else who...
Reflections from (a) Windy Pass
An excerpt from my trail journals – rj September 13, Montana “To countless people, the wilderness provides ultimate delight because it provides the thrills of jeopardy and beauty. It is...
The Guilt of Bringing Luxury Item While Trying To Lower Base Weight
I know everyone would bring at least one or two luxury items when they go on a backpacking trip. It could be an sitpad, a fancy chair, fishing gears (if...
Benefits of Stretching our Limits
Backpacking entered my life at a comparatively late stage, when my twin sons joined a Boy Scout Troop and parents were needed to chaperone. We went to REI and purchased...
Hike Pie Toy
Ever since my first son, Jasper, was born in October 2002, I stated my desire (without much dissent from Carmen, my then-wife) that we continue our adventure travels. Carmen and...
Factors that influence the ability to carry Weight in a Backpack
Factors that influence the ability to carry weight in a backpack: Conditioning Distance Elevation Gain Environment and Terrain There are many factors that determine how much weight is reasonable to...
Geologic Time is Now
“The earth moves,” Jack said. “Geologic time is now,” said Kirsten. I had pointed to a red scarp of bare earth across the valley, and asked if anyone knew what...
Leave No Trace
2020 saw a massive influx of people recreating outdoors, which is wonderful! This should equate to more hands on deck in keeping the outdoors clean and pristine. As the snow...

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