Six Moon Designs Comet Backpack REVIEW

Removable stays, an internal pad pocket, and adjustability over a wide torso length range make the Comet unique.

Tarptent Rainbow (Sneak Preview) SPOTLITE REVIEW

A free-standing Tarptent with side-entry, loads of headroom, and under two pounds!

Big Sky Products (SummitShelters) Revolution 2P UL Tent REVIEW

Light weight, single-wall Epic shell, two-person freestanding tent.

GoLite Vision Backpack REVIEW

A panel loading internal frame pack with a small volume and very low profile that offers comfort with excellent organizational features.

Gregory Spectrum Backpack REVIEW

An internal frame panel loading pack with a polished design, plenty of features, and rock solid performance. The Lexus of small volume panel loaders? Perhaps.

Tarptent Virga 2 Single Wall Tent SPOTLITE REVIEW

More headroom, usable volume, and pitch options. Also a little more weight and complexity.

Integral Designs Silcoat Backpack SPOTLITE REVIEW

Simple, lightweight, and versatile.


Fuel miser and a SYSTEM (burner + wind screen + pot support) weight of less than an ounce...take notice.

Brunton Liberty Mantleless Canister Fuel Lantern SPOTLITE REVIEW

Hallelujah! No fragile mantles! Good fuel efficiency and bright output make this a tempting gadget for winter camping.

Six Moon Designs Comet Pack SPOTLITE REVIEW

Internal frame option, narrow profile, and ease of use are the hallmarks of this lighweight backpack.

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