Spring Footwear: Lightweight Overboot & High Gaiter Systems for Keeping Feet Warm & Dry

Foremost among the challenges that spring hikers face is the presence of melting snow and the prospect of continuously wet feet. Ryan Jordan presents his two favorite footwear systems for cold or warm spring conditions.

Seven Million Toasters: A Tribute to Coghlan’s 50th Birthday

Coghlan's celebrates 50 years of service to the Outdoor Industry.

The Unbearable Heaviness of Business and the State of Outdoor Retailer

There is a cost of doing business in the outdoor industry, especially as a collective whole. Can social media alleviate some of that cost, or is it simply a mechanism for increasing the clutter of information coming from OR?

Backpacking Light Magazine Announces Discontinuation of Print Version

Publisher Ryan Jordan recalls moments worth celebrating.

The Unconventional Sleep Systems Manifesto

A Comprehensive Primer and Market Analysis of Top Bags, Quilts, and Wearable Systems

Backcountry Hygiene for Ultralight and Long-Distance Hikers

A short primer on the topic of backcountry hygiene to help you minimize the risk of contracting stomach-borne illnesses while in the backcountry.

Frameless Backpacks: Engineering Analysis of the Load Carrying Performance of Selected Lightweight Packs
Introduction The objective of this study was to evaluate and compare the load carrying performance of several frameless packs available to the ultralight backpacking community. Frameless backpacks tested in this...
Quantitative Analysis of Backpack Suspension Performance
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The Arc Bag Concept: Saving Weight with Variable Girth Sleeping Bags Having an “Arc” Shaped Cross Section
Editor’s Introduction As we prepare to release, it is probably appropriate to introduce a teaser about what we intend to spend a great deal of time with this year:...

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