A reasonably minimal titanium cookset - very light, works well, but not very low cost. Take just one pot?


A reasonably light two-man titanium kettle - very light, works well, but not very low cost.

Yowie Snowshoes REVIEW

Radically different snowshoes using an injection-moulded flexible deck with all-over grip, a fast webbing binding and tough crampons, claiming great agility on all slopes.

Do It Yourself Projects to Reduce Canister Stove Weight

Experiments from our readers and staff on trimming weight from winter stoves.

Stoves, Tents and Carbon Monoxide – Deadly or not?
Part 1: Theory

You've read the warnings and heard the horror stories about cooking in your tent. How dangerous is it really? Part 1 of this series describes: how CO is formed, a warning sign of production, and a simple change you can make to your stove setup to reduce CO.

Coleman Fyrestorm Ti Stove REVIEW

Innovative dual-fuel stove for canisters and white gas and variants that works very well with canister fuel and reasonably well with white gas.

Primus Gravity MF Stove REVIEW

Innovative multi-fuel stove for canisters, white gas and kerosene that performs well with canister fuel but is difficult to use with the other fuels.

Trail Designs Vari-Vent Windshield Spotlight Review

A neat solution to windshields getting out of control.

Modified Vargo Triad XE Stove REVIEW

Robust, lightweight, stable titanium alcohol stove that can be hard to get going - until a small modification is made.

Vargo Triad Stove REVIEW

Lightweight, simple titanium alcohol stove with very stable, secure legs but just adequate heat output.

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