MYOG Technical Note – Catenary Curves

The whys and wheres of catenary curves, with downloadable spreadsheet for calculating your own MYOG curve masterpieces.

Make Your Own Gear – A Titanium Potty Trowel

The venerable Coghlans orange potty trowel is a fine idea, but it weighs 51 grams and has been known to crack and break under heavy use. Can we do better with some titanium sheet?

New Balance MT875OR Joggers Review

Totally synthetic, luggy soles, and a breathable draining upper, plus a range of width fittings including really wide (4E). (Updated 9/22/09)

Made in China – A State of the Market Report

If almost everyone is taking manufacturing to China, what are the short- and long-term consequences for both the developed and developing worlds?

Heat Exchange Stove Shootout: Part 3
Heat Exchanger Stoves

When do these stoves offer a weight reduction when compared to the baseline of Part 2 of the series?

Heat Exchanger Stove Shootout: Part 2
Upright and Remote Canister Stoves

Setting a baseline: we survey a good range of conventional canister stoves for performance, setting us up for the comparison in Part 3.

Heat Exchanger Stove Shootout: Part 1
Introduction and Test Method

The performance and efficiency of canister stoves, put to the test. When the dust (and CO2) settle, which one will be left standing?

Stoves, Tents and Carbon Monoxide – Deadly or not?
Supplement 5: Snow Peak GST-120 Lite Max

The Snow Peak GST-100 GigaPower stove is widely regarded as the 'Gold Standard' for upright canister stoves. It weighs about 74 grams. Snow Peak has released a new stove in this series: the GST-120, or Lite Max, weighing only 56 grams, reviewed here. Does the Lite Max live up to the reputation of its precursor, the GST-100 (which is still available)?

Make Your Own Gear – A Thumbscrew for the Steripen Adventurer

The Steripen Adventurer has many firm believers, but almost everyone agrees that the screw which holds the lid of the battery case shut is awful. So... replace it with something better, cooler, and made by hand!

New Balance MT1110GT Joggers Review

Totally synthetic, good soles, and a XCR membrane for wet weather use, plus a range of width fittings including really wide. Very good under some winter conditions, but with a curious defect which limits their use.

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