Benchmade 530 Folding Knife Review

Many walkers find a razor blade adequate, but there are plenty of situations where a bit more is needed. This knife, with a blade over three inches long yet weighing only two ounces, may suit many lightweight walkers.

New Balance MT876OR Review

The latest in the New Balance 87x series of light low-cut joggers - and they're even better than the previously-reviewed MT875ORs.

Brunton 7DNL Compass Review

Small, light, easy to use, and about the right size for a simple baseplate model.

Primus Express Spider Stove Review

A good remote canister stove, heading in the lightweight direction.

Darn Tough Vermont Boot Sock Review

In a world where most clothing seems to come from China and be of debatable quality and life, these thick, durable, woollen Made-in-Vermont socks are a standout - and have a well-deserved cult following.

New Balance MT910GT Joggers Review

Totally synthetic, solid soles with a good tread and a range of width fittings, a Gore-Tex 'Extended Comfort Footwear' lining, but a slightly stiff sole.

Soto OD-1R Canister Stove Product Review

This Japanese stove is small, light, and well-made, with a unique miniature pressure regulator instead of a needle valve.

Stoves, Tents and Carbon Monoxide – Deadly or not?
Supplement 6: Primus Eta PackLite System

We cover yet another Primus heat-exchanger stove system in this Review: the Primus Eta PackLite. This is basically modelled on the Eta Power system, but smaller and lighter.

Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing for Leather

Treat your leather nicely, THEN abuse the ever-loving daylights out of it.

MYOG Technical Note – Catenary Curves

The whys and wheres of catenary curves, with downloadable spreadsheet for calculating your own MYOG curve masterpieces.

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