Rackless Carry Systems for Lightweight Bikepacking

Reviews of the Revelate Designs Viscacha and Porcelain Rocket Booster Rocket

Light and Fast Packs for Bikepacking

In Part 2 of our exploration of Lightweight Bikepacking, Dave reviews some notable packs and examines their utility for bikepacking.

Lightweight Bikepacking: An Introduction

"This kind of cycling actually brings you closer to the land than hiking... because you must read the landscape so closely in order to ride across it." -Drew Walker, “The Talkeetna Traverse” Adventure Cyclist (Jan/Feb 2001)

On-Trail Route Finding: When the Trail is Hard to Follow

"I've never been lost, but I was once a mite bewildered for a few days." - Daniel Boone

Ultralight Waterproof Breathable Jackets: 2012 State of the Market Report

Part 2: Details on the ten jackets in the report.

Ultralight Waterproof-Breathable Jackets: 2012 State of the Market Report

Part 1: Why should you buy a WPB rain jacket? And why would you buy one that weighs more than 8 ounces (227 g)?

Fast and Light Shoulder Season Footwear Tips

Avoiding wet feet in the shoulders seasons can be impossible. Follow a few simple principles to ensure your feet are happy, no matter the conditions!

Clikstand T-2 Alcohol Stove System Review

Can 100% titanium justify the price tag?

Altai Skis: The Hok Ski and X-Trace Universal Binding Review

For fast, easy over-snow travel, combine the traits of a snowshoe and those of a ski. A short, fat ski would keep the maneuverability, packability and hopefully light weight of a snowshoe as well as the glide and easy trail breaking of a ski. How well does this theory play out in reality?

Lightweight Alternative Rainwear: State of the Market Report – Part 2: Overview of Individual Products

Further discussion on the four individual categories, a review of the products tested within the context of each category, and a brief conclusion of ways in which various alternative rainwear products can be combined, both with each other and with WPB garments, to suit various hiking environments and conditions.

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