GoLite, Integral Designs, and Wild Things High Loft Synthetic Insulating Jackets (Comparison Review)
Overview High-loft insulating garments have a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than any other type of clothing. So, they are perfect complements to a lightweight backpacking clothing system when temperatures plummet. This...
A Homemade Gear Sled (Pulk) for Backcountry Winter Travel
Introduction Winter backpacking is an entirely different experience from backpacking at any other time of the year. In the winter our needs for food, water, and warmth require significant changes...
2001 Raingear Roundup Review Summary
Introduction Long awaited, read the results of a months-long review of raingear that includes extensive laboratory and field testing of fabrics and garments by the BackpackingLight.COM Product Review Staff. Introduction...
Book Review: The Ultralight Backpacker

Book Review: The Ultralight Backpacker

The Laughing Curmudgeon’s Guide to Going Light

The Laughing Curmudgeon's Guide to Going Light

On the Trail With Lynne Whelden (Interview)
Lynne Whelden is known in the backpacking world for his documentary films and instruction videos on the various aspects of hiking. His “How to…” videos are considered a valuable resource...
Wind Shirt Wars Review Summary

Wind Shirt Wars Review Summary

Elite Top Bag by Rab Carrington

Elite Top Bag by Rab Carrington

RBH Designs Vapor Barrier Hand & Footwear

RBH Designs Vapor Barrier Hand & Footwear

Hike ‘N Light Alcohol Stove

Hike 'N Light Alcohol Stove

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